Traveling to Japan

Traveling to Japan

And we are off! We met at our usual spot to pack the coaches and say our farewells as we headed on the adventure of a lifetime.

Edinburgh airport did not know what had hit them when we took over the big EDINBURGH sign.

We seemed to amuse the airports mascot Edi too!

We traveled through to Turkey, on our first of two plane journeys, without a hitch – on what some were calling our ‘practice flight’. The second flight was very long and even our first-time flyers did amazing. The orchestra and its adult team are a complete credit to themselves. After some confusing time zone changes and what felt like one day with three dinner times…we stepped out into the Tokyo mist and heat. WE MADE IT.

We then got settled in and had a meal in an Italian restaurant with a very Japanese feel. It was clear during the first meal that we are going to be extremely well fed and looked after by our incredibly friendly guides from the J Team.

Then after a huge meal, it was time for lights out and to dream about our Tokyo adventures the next day.

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