Day 6: Concert in George

Day 6: Concert in George

We arrived in George and immediately went into a rehearsal for a concert. The venue was great, it was a massive open hall with hundreds of chairs and almost every single one was filled during our concert.

We played a full set list with two halves, one half even showcased the premier of a new group consisting of David Moore, Niall McHugh, Fraser Graham and Andrew Spence playing some fantastic music which both the audience and the orchestra enjoying listening to for the first time.

Everything went well and I even had a great conversation with a member of the audience during the interval who had nothing but praise for our musical talents, he also happened to be a double bass player himself, so we chatted for most of the break.

At the end of the concert I also got to speak to the owners of one of the double basses that we borrow for the afternoon, they were wonderful people who told me all about the history of the bass itself and that it belonged to their son who was currently out of the country. In the past he had travelled with his orchestra and also borrowed double basses when he went so this was their chance to return the favour.

I am happy to report that the orchestra are ever so slowly learning to smile during concerts and this has been the best so far, but we still have some way to go.

If all concerts are a good as this one then I think we will have a lot to smile about.



(Photos are from a beautiful selection by Herman Labuschagne – with many thanks)


  1. I watched your orchestra on SABC this morning how thrilled I was to hear you play and so proud as I come from Kilmarnock Ayrshire have been living in SA since 1978. Only sad you will not be coming to Durban Good luck for the rest of the tour you are wonderful

    • I am so glad you enjoyed our music and the reminder of Scotland. The rest of our tour was amazing and I hope we get to come back some day and that will be able to see us live in concert. -Hannah

  2. Brilliant. Would walk 100 miles to see them again and I mean walk. Just sorry was only for one afternoon. Could listen all day.


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