Fuji-Q: Fast and Furious.

Fuji-Q: Fast and Furious.

It was a very early morning of a 7.am breakfast but nobody seemed to care because today was the much-awaited day in any tour calendar- the theme park today and this tour it was to Fuji-Q Highland.

Of course when we all arrived the tour directors went running in search for the biggest ride to go on first, as it normally goes! There were a few BIG rides at this park which included:

King of Coasters: Fuijiyama – A huge 79 m high, a maximum speed of 130 km, the maximum fall of 70 m
Takabisha: 100 miles per hour, 7 loops and the maximum falling angle level world record of 121 degrees.
Dododonpa – the world record for the fastest start – 180 km / hr with 1.56 seconds firing time, straight into a loop.

There was however Thomas Land (as in the train) for if you were looking for something a little more gentle! We had such a fun day. IT is always great to have a day in a tour were we are all can enjoy the friendships we have developed and strengthened on tour with other while blowing of some steam – and some screams.

And funnily enough, when it was time for the park to chuck us out there were three of us late at our meeting point…THE DIRECTORS. They had decided to try and get a third shot on Takabisha which Kathleen had said was the best rollercoaster she had ever been on. We all had a good laugh at them as they tried to convince us they only went up on it for a good view to see if anybody was lost! Tut tut.

You would have thought after all the adrenaline there would be two coaches of sleeping coaster addicts but instead it was all a buzz with the Tour Awards nomination sheets being filled in.

Then it was home for a power nap before a lovely, big Italian meal beside our hotel, shared amongst us over stories of our adventurous day.

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