Day 14: Carnivore Restaurant

Day 14: Carnivore Restaurant

Dinner after the theme park was a new experience for all. We were in a carnivore restaurant surrounded by pictures of animals and sitting on seats patterned in zebra print.


The serving staff would bring round huge – what I could only describe as swords – with different varieties of meat on them. I tried them all. We had Pork, Beef, Impala, Zebra, Crocodile, Antelope and Veal. My favourite was Zebra with crocodile coming in last.


During the meal the kitchen and serving staff gave a small performance of music and dancing, it was very entertaining and made the meal even more enjoyable.


It was a great experience unlike anything I have had before and I much as I loved seeing animals out in Kariega Game Reserve, I hope to eat some more Zebra again some day.




  1. They (sadly) sell Zebra meat at West Coast butchers in Ayr and Prestwick Hannah.

  2. I went in to West Coast butchers in Prestwick looking for Zebra and Ostrich but they don’t have them anymore.

    • We will have to keep hunting, need to feed those Ostrich burger cravings. -Hannah

  3. Ostrich fillets……………. that why mums go to Iceland!!! Now where is the nearest one?


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