Wallace and Lex Galbraith founded the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra in August 1982 with the aim of encouraging and developing Scots Fiddle Music among local young musicians.  The Orchestra has developed a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the most entertaining fiddle music in Scotland and are continually offered many musical engagements not just in Ayrshire but throughout Scotland and beyond.

Membership is free and is open to all string and percussion players and the principle is that you learn “on the job”. Beginners are not expected to be able to fiddle at a fast and furious pace when they join – but it is amazing how they soon pick it up! The self-confidence that these young players acquire over a short period of months is incredible and they are soon seamlessly merging with the older players.

These take place at Kingcase Church Hall, Prestwick on Saturdays from 1.45pm to 4pm (See map). The number of rehearsals is dependent upon concert commitments but there are usually two per month during the school term. A list of all dates is given to every member at the start of each term. Players are expected to attend all rehearsals where possible.

AFO Concerts
The Orchestra has several regular concerts and a large number of invitational performances throughout the year. As with rehearsals, a list of concert dates is given to every member at the start of each term. The number of players for each event is determined by the venue and occasion, with numbers varying from 4 to 100!

David joined AFO when in Primary 7 and he struggled to be able to read the music and play at the required speed. He definitely relied on miming! However there was always the inspiration of the older players – the majority of whom had been in exactly the same boat when they started.

Little did we know that AFO would be key in his choice of career as a music teacher. Nor could we ever have imagined that he would become musical director of AFO. While this experience will not be shared by all members of AFO, the opportunities of developing of musical ability with lots of other people and playing in many concerts is great for improving skill and discipline as well as being fun. And of course the lasting friendships that have been formed and the overseas tours are the icing on the cake. David and his younger brother Andrew – a former lead percussionist – had wonderful experiences on the overseas tours that we as parents could never have provided without AFO. We cannot thank AFO enough.

Margaret Moore


The Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra is an Absolutely Fabulous Organisation providing Awesome Fantastic Opportunities and Amazing Friendly Occasions!

Matthew Taylor


AFO is a great opportunity for my kids to develop their fiddle playing and develop life long friendships


AFO has played a huge part in my life over the last 6 years – it is like one big family and it is much more than just an orchestra Ciaran

Orchestra leader 2014

It gives you great experiences and a chance to make lots of new friends Toby Clark


It lets me do things that I would never have experienced and I also get to make new friends doing something that I love Emily Clark


AFO has provided a wonderful opportunity for my children to make strong friendships outside their school group and they have gained so much in confidence. Their enjoyment of their music has grown enormously.



From CDs to frisbees, tea-towels and mugs, suitbags and stationery, aprons and stocking fillers; AFO stocks a good range of merchandise. For example, Beautiful wool Beggs Tartan Scarves for £15 AFO CDs from £5


Available also to order and collect at rehearsals and concerts Any questions and to order directly, please contact the McHugh family

All proceeds go toward supporting the Orchestra.

Welcome Letter

Please download the AFO Welcome letter for new members

Parents Handbook

The Parents handbook gives a good background to how the orchestra works. Download the Parent Booklet 2015 here

Consent form

The Consent Form is our record for each player. Download the Consent Form 2015-16 here

AFO Clothing

AFO clothing, is available to order from Elizabeth Watt

Please email Elizabeth about hoodies, poloshirts, t-shirts


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