Day 10: Samurai, Shinkansen and Steak

Day 10: Samurai, Shinkansen and Steak

It was a very sleepy start this morning as we were all packed and out of the hotel at – and we met our lovely Kyoto guides Keiko and Yuiko for the last time. We were all pretty tired but woke up pretty fast when we entered the Samurai museum that was within the Nishiki Market place in Kyoto.

The museum was so much fun but also really informative! We were treated to a fascinating yet modern re-telling of the history of the Samurai and Ninja classes of Japan. We also had classes and competitions in blade throwing and dart blowing as Ninjas. We then had a great laugh trying on all the samurai outfits and staging fun photographs to remind us of all the laughs we had that morning.

James from England filling us in on the real history.
Dart blowing tutorial.
No need for practise, we were naturals!
Leah and David
Samurai against Samurai

Once we were all battled out it was then time for lunch where we took advantage of the market around us. It was a strange but good mix of more traditional tea stores and designer outlets so it meant we had some good shopping time to spend our yen.

Our walk through the market place.

Then it was on to Kyoto Station to sadly get on our last bullet train of the trip and this journey was long enough for us to have a good nap, although plenty of us was playing card games.

We alighted at Shinagawa Station to go ‘home’ to our hotel in Tokyo. Once we had settled in it was time for dinner and we went to a nearby restaurant and were treated to steak, pasta and all you can eat bread, salad and soup bar. After this great meal, some of us fancied time to stretch our legs and some of us fancied some hotel time.

Now we are all tucked up in bed ready for our theme park day tomorrow – hoping we all get some sleep with all this excitement.

Our view from the hotel.

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