Reflecting back on Tour

Reflecting back on Tour

We may have only been back for a week but I am already thinking back to tour and to the amazing things we did.

We will be thinking back to this and all the other tours we go on throughout our lives as they are significant memories to us. It is when we get to see the wonders of the world and meet people who could be our friends for forever. It opens us up to new experiences and adventures that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to come by.

When we think back we will have fond memories of giving concerts to sold out audiences, playing with musicians from other amazing orchestras, spending time with our friends – old and new – and visiting, learning and seeing the sites of South Africa.

When I think back to American 2011 and Europe 2013 these are the types of things I remember with a smile on my face. But each tour is different, memorable and incredible so its own reason, with their own unique stories and memories but in the end they all come down to one thing – the AFO family we create while on tour.



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