Day 17: We’re Coming Home

Day 17: We’re Coming Home

We landed in London Heathrow early in the morning with some very tired looking faces. We didn’t have a lot of time between flights and we still had to get through border control and security all over again. By now we were experts and were able to get through reasonably quickly and made it to the gate on time.

Our second flight was spent signing various tour folders with personalized messages and writing our names on tea towels. The bus home from Edinburgh airport was much the same, we stopped at a service station to switch the folders to the other buses and buy lunch. But this time with Pounds instead of Rands, that was weird.

The bus journey felt short, but that may have been because I barely looked up from tour folders. But before we knew it we saw the smiling and waving from our loved one, all excited to see us.

We were home!

– Hannah

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