Day 15: Tour Awards

Day 15: Tour Awards

After a few showers to get rid of the Elephant smell and some free time we all got dressed and ready for Tour Awards.

As one of the senior members of the orchestra it was part of my duty to help organise the tour awards, which I can happily say went off without a hitch. The events coordinator at the Hotel Lee-Ann was amazing and got everything we asked for together in no time and the hall looked beautiful. After blowing up some balloons and laying out our certificates and sashes the place was ready.

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As people started to arrive they were greeted with cheese and crackers on the balcony and a photo station with our banners maned by the wonderful Douglas Clark and his camera to take group photos of everyone from our  tour families to section and friend groups.

The meal provided by the venue was amazing, a scrumptious starter with a buffet style main and a chocolate mousse desert. After desert the venue staff took to the floor to show off their moves before inviting us to join in. We all thoroughly enjoyed learning an African style dance.

After we had all settled down the awards portion of the evening began. Our hilarious host Douglas Veitch kicked off the evening with an introduction that practically had us rolling on the floor with laughter, as did most of his jokes throughout the night. Some of which were his own rendition of Mr G’s jokes that we have all heard a thousand times before. But somehow this time they were actually funny.

Our senior players then took it in turns to present all of the Mr and Miss awards as well as a few others. they all did a wonderful job asking our nominees questions before announcing the winners and presenting them with a sash and a certificate.

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After we finished our first half of awards it was the tour adults turn. They blew us away with some singing and dancing that they reenacted from some of the African dances we had seen whilst on tour and it was amazing, hilarious and fun. They then presented some awards of their own before we continued with our Toilet Paper Awards. for things such as Most Termites Eaten and Best Conductor.

All winners were very well deserved and took it in great fun. The evening ended with a ceilidh and smiles all around. It was a great evening and I am glad that all the hard work that went into it was a success.

– Hannah


Here is a list of the evenings winners

Category Winners
Mr Tour Neved Karamuri
Miss Tour Megan Espie
Mr Messy Matthew Terras
Miss Messy Emma Taylor
Mr Tidy Ciaran McHugh
Miss Tidy Hannah Coombs
Mr Grumpy Stuart Lindsay
Miss Grumpy Roseanna Keith
Mr Happy Lars Robertson
Miss Happy Monica McCrorrie
Mr Greedy Sean Morrison
Miss Greedy Jane Hunter
Mr Flirt Blair McMeechan
Miss Flirt Charlotte Brown
Mr Style Lars Robertson
Miss Style Elspeth McLaughin
Double Act Cameron Wardrope and Ryan Broadfoot
Lookalikes Sophie Lewis and Bethany Walsh
Loud Mouth Lauren Espie
Best Smile on Stage Megan Espie
Most Luggage The McHughs
Miss Sexy David Moore
Mr Sexy Robbie McGhee
Miss Funny Fiona Welsh
Mr Funny Douglas Veitch
Tour Adult Calum Morrison
Tour Cutie Rosie Morrison
Best Conductor Hannah Coombs
Most Termites Eaten Andrew Morrison
Mr Forgetful Matthew Terras
Mr Sleepy Aaron Wardrop
Best Section The 2nd Violins
Directors Award Hannah Coombs


Tour Couple Sean Morrison and Maja Robertson
Best Tour Lurgy Douglas Vietch
Best Sales Patter David Moore
Most Unusual Lost Item Caroline Clark
Patellar award for knee movement Sean Morrison

Sorry if there are any mistakes of missing categories I am going off my own memory which may be wrong, please let me know of any necessary changes.

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