A Huge Thank You

A Huge Thank You

Now that tour 2015 is over we have time to reflect and one thing I keep thinking about is how many amazing people it takes to put something as elaborate as a 17 day concert tour together. I would like to take the time to thank as many people as I can for making South Africa 2015 such a great experience.

It has been over two years in the making and the biggest forces diving the planning and preparations have been all of the orchestra’s Directors. Our Tour Manager Euan Terras has sent email after email chasing up leads and making sure everything has been in place ready for our arrival, and he did a superb job. As have Kathleen Terras, Wallace Galbraith and David Moore.

The tour isn’t possible without adult supervision to keep an eye on us and we had so many great Tour Parents with us on tour this year. Each Tour Parent brought something different to the trip and helped to make it a wonderful tour.

What makes a tour are the people around you and there were so many fantastic personalities in the orchestra and we all got along so well. It was great to get to know and talk to so many people that we haven’t spoken to before. We really do become one large family during tour.

A large part about tour is travel and this wouldn’t have been possible without the many bus drivers we had from both ProTours and Dodds. Every driver we had was friendly, helpful and professional.

Stewart Travel did so much work for us before we left and everything went so smoothly, thanks so much for the wonderful send off you gave us as the airport.

We had many guides in South Africa all of whom were the kindest and most knowledgeable people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Dale, JP and Andrew a massive thanks go out to you for showing us your beautiful country. Particular thanks to Angus Maclaren of Traverseline and Dale of SA Sports Tours for their imaginative and professional handling of every detail of the tour itinerary.

Our Parents do so much for us everyday, but they go over and above when it comes to fundraising, driving us to rehearsals and concerts and helping us pack for tour. We owe so much to them and of course we missed them while we were away.

The Hout Bay Music Project, the both the Cape Town and Johannesburg Youth Orchestras showcased some very talented musicians and we are so glad that they were willing to join us and share their music with us. As well as taking the time to learn some of our music too. They were all fantastic and I hope we get the chance to share music with them again one day.

Everyone we met in South Africa was so friendly, welcoming and excited to hear what we had to offer and for this we are so grateful as we were just as excited to share our music with you.

– Hannah

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