Yesterday was one of the most fun fundraisers of the year, the Swimathon.

Players took to the pool at the Citadel in Ayr so either swim their sponsored lengths for for an aquazumba class. Although the aquazumba instructor didn’t appear the staff at the citadel were able to find someone to run a more water aerobic class which proved to be very hard on the muscles. I loved the class and it was made even more fun by the water guns (filled with ice cubes) being shot at us the entire time – thanks Douglas, Catriona and Fiona, we really appreciated it (not).

No one escaped dry as the tour adults water guns eventually got turned on them by the revenge fuelled swimmers.

But this was just the start of the fun as the event ended with some team relay races a a polo tournament, the winners even went home with a small trophy.

A massive thanks to Callum and Anna Morrison for organising the even, to all the players who participated, the adults that helped out and the staff at the citadel for making it a great fundraiser.

Not only was it a great fundraiser it was also a great work out, my muscles are sore.


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