24 Hour Play In Live Part 2

24 Hour Play In Live Part 2

The music remained strong throughout the night, but this was not the only source of entertainment during our 10 hour night shift.

To keep ourselves focused and active, we started creating videos, all of which can be found on our Facebook pageĀ .

The music selection was not necessarily the orchestra’s typical arrangements. As all of the members of the orchestra are very talented, they can be seen in various different orchestra’s across Ayrshire and Scotland, from which they have learned various pieces of music from different styles and periods. Selections from the players bank of musical knowledge was played.

There were also two ceilidhs other ceilidh during the night. One at 2am and one at 5am which featured pieces written by Alistair McCulloch, the 2am Turtle Patrol and the 5am Ceilidh.


There was also the musical styling of David Moore our musical director on the Church’s Organ.

The night shift players did a fantastic job during the night and are now on their way home for a well deserved rest as the relief team have arrived to play for the next few hours.

Organ Inisheer by David MooreDavid Thomas Moore playing Inisheer on the church Organ at 3:30am

Posted by Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra on Friday, 3 June 2016


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  1. All doing great, keep it up.


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