News – June

News – June


Whilst preparations for the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra’s next International Tour to Japan in July 2019  –  The Rising Sun Tour  – gather pace,  a smaller group of 35 players will visit Catalonya this July in an exchange with string players from the Conservatori Sant Cugat.  The highlight of this visit will be their performance in the Crypt of the famous Basilica Sagrada Familia  –  the first time an Orchestra has been allowed to perform in the venue!

The Orchestra’s Summer Concert , featuring some of the music that will be played in Catalonya, will be in Ayr Town Hall on Saturday 23rd June at 7.30pm.  Tickets for the Concert are available from the Ayr Gaiety Box Office 01292 288235.

On Tuesday 10th July, a group of the Orchestra will join a celebration of String Music from both Scotland and North America in the Stirling Bridge Festival Concert, again in Ayr Town Hall, on Tuesday 10th July  –  tickets for this Concert are available from the Ayr Gaiety Box Office.

The Orchestra restarts rehearsals on Saturday 18th August at Kingcase Church Hall at 1.45pm till 4.30pm  –  all young string players will be made most welcome at the beginning of the Orchestra’s 37th year of fiddle playing!  Please contact our Secretary, Kathleen Terras, at


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