Day Twelve – Wet, Wild and Wonderful

Day Twelve – Wet, Wild and Wonderful
A slight schedule change for today as we were supposed to go to the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, but with an extremely tired orchestra with yet another concert tonight it was thought best to have a lie in and head straight to the water park Calypso. This orchestra was very much in favour of this idea as it gave us a little more time in the water park.

So at 10am we left for the one and half hour drive to the water park with our packed lunches in tow. After more busy days and late nights many people fell asleep on the way there. Although the weather was cloudy on the way there the sun made an appearance once we arrived. We all dispersed off into the park to enjoy the slides, wave pool and lazy river.

We left the water park just in time for a huge downpour of rain. Which most people didn’t mind too much as they were already wet. We then drive to Maxwell for a concert with the Glengarry Fiddlers. A BBQ dinner was once again provided for us and enjoyed on the veranda with beautiful view of grass and flowers.

The concert went very well, extra chairs had to be added due to the large turnout. The orchestra was accompanied by other local groups and it was nice to see that some of the tunes the orchestra play were also in the repertoire of those groups. The merchandise tables were very busy, I was working at the tables today and Catriona made me deputy manager after 5 minutes, not sure what David Teenan and Douglas Clark are doing wrong that I got promoted over them haha.

The orchestra are really getting the hang of packing everything up and helping with the tidying and loading so we were able to hit the road and get back as quick as possible to sleep before another journey tomorrow to Toronto.


Quote of the day – “At least I have all four feet.” – Anna Bradford

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