Day Three – You’re In The Band

Day Three – You’re In The Band

After a monster of a day yesterday we took today a bit more slowly and relaxed. We started the day with breakfast at 8, and I know a lot of people were happy to see pancakes and Nutella at the buffet.

At half 9 we headed off once again to the subway, which wasn’t nearly as hot as yesterday thankfully. We got off down the bottom on central mark and created a rendezvous point to meet back in a few hours, but before we dispersed we sang Happy Birthday to Neved!

Once in the park many people spilt off to do different thing including football, ninja, sunbathing, reading and cycling. We had out packed lunches that the hostel provided for us and a few ice creams were eaten too.

After lunch we walked further into Manhattan for the Winter Garden Theatre to see School of Rock. It was amazing, such talented kids, standing ovation definitely deserved.

Then back to Times Square for a little bit of shopping and a few group photos. This allowed for the people that missed seeing Times Square last night.

Now back at the hostel for dinner before having a ceilidh tonight in the courtyard.

One of my favourite moments of the day was watching members from many different tour families play a game of ninja together, a game that the orchestra picked up when we last visited Vandalia in 2011. It’s great to see the orchestra bonding and making new friends, it’s a big part of what the orchestra is and especially a massive part of tour.


Quote of the day – “Why do I have to be clean anyway?”

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