Day Ten – Party in the Park

Day Ten – Party in the Park

After a long day on the busses it was nice to have a good nights sleep in comfy beds and recharge for our first day in Montréal. Breakfast was at 8 and at half 9 we boarded the buses for guided tours around Montréal and a walk at Mount Royal to see the amazing view of the city.

We then got dropped off down at the old port for lunch, shopping and site seeing.

It was then back to McGill for a quick change of clothes for our first concert in Canada at the Scots in the Park BBQ with other performers such as Scottish dancers and Pipe Band. Dinner was delicious burgers and crisps provided by a hard working team at the BBQs.

The crowd gathered as we took to the stage and the orchestra sounded great in the park and as all of the violins were standing they were able to move and interact more with each other during the performance which on elevated the energy on the stage.

The audience also participated well in the dances and showed a liking to our merchandise table. From the responses from many audience members were extremely positive many people also showing eagerness to see us again soon.

It was a chilled evening for a change, back at McGill at half 8 and hopefully a good long night sleep before another busy week ahead.


Quote of the Day – “Can I take a picture of your shoes?” – Lady in the Park.

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