Day Sixteen – Party, Party, Party

Day Sixteen – Party, Party, Party

Last night most of us finally got more than 8 hours sleep. However, others made it to a Karaoke Bar last night and I think got home quite a bit later than others.

We had most of today as free time with hosts, with various activities. Some people had pool parties, other went to the beach or highland games or a trip into Paris. It was lovely to spend time with the people of Ayr. I was at a pool party with many other host families and orchestra members, we had a great time and great food.

After all the fun and relaxation we had the concert in the gazebo in the park along with a children’s choir, the Ayr Paris Band and Cambridge Pipe Band. It was a great concert and was very well received by the large audience sitting in their own folding chairs on the grass.

After the concert we headed to the community centre for an after party with more great pizza and a DJ, followed by a ceilidh lead by some of the AFO seniors.

The night ended of course will Auld Lang Syne, with the leaving seniors in the centre, having a bit of an emotional moment as this was their last AFO Ceilidh and the end of tour.


Quote of the day – “No one has better arms than you Dave” – Aimee O’Mahony

“There will be a drum roll on the drums” – Sean Morrison

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