Day Seventeen – We’re Coming Home

Day Seventeen – We’re Coming Home

This morning was our final day on tour. We woke up in Ayr, but note quite the one in Scotland. Many of the players were attending and playing in church services this morning, both AFO tunes and some hymns too.

After the services a wonderful lunch was provided to us by the churches. It was then a quick turnaround to head back to hosts houses, put the suitcases and instruments in the trucks and head to the meeting point. It was then time to say goodbye to the hosts, one last group photo and then for one of the last times of tour hitting the road and heading on our last tour adventure.

On the way to the airport we made a quick one hour stop at a park to burn off some energy with football, Frisbee etc. It was also then that we showed our appreciation to the bus drivers that have been with us for the last week.

It was also at this time when one of the most exciting things happened. The next tour was announced. In 2019 the orchestra will be going to JAPAN!!!

After the excitement of this died own we headed to the airport for the overnight flight home. There were long queues, and a quick dinner but we all made it onto the plane. As I write this now I am sitting in the departure lounge in Iceland, about t head to board the last flight back to Glasgow.


See you all soon.




Quote of the day – “Why is Scott handing our Qudsidilla’s on the plane?” – Leah Parris

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