Day Nine – Birthdays and Freeways

Day Nine – Birthdays and Freeways

One of the latest nights of tour was followed by the earliest morning of tour, meeting at 6am at the buses to pack up and head out. It was very hard to leave behind the new friends we had made and we all wanted to stay and spend more time in their beautiful town.

Lunch was spent at Wall Mart, with the most choices of food to eat possibly. Before we left after lunch it was time to celebrate a special day for a very special person Fraser Graham’s 21s. As no chair could be found a trolley had to suffice and as the matched didn’t work he had to pretend to blow out the candles but after some champagne and presents from home and the orchestra that wasn’t such a big deal.

The bus journey went faster with quiz sheets and movie such as Shrek, Night at the Museum and School of Rock.

The crossing at Canada was pretty quick and the view approaching was very beautiful. The streets of Montréal were very busy as we drove through the town.

Glad to finally be at the McGill University building and in comfy beds ready to take on Montréal tomorrow.


Quote of the day – ” I thought we had to pass through Mexico to get to Canada”

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