Day Fourteen – Tour Awards

Day Fourteen – Tour Awards

Today was a great day. We started for with a bit of a lie in which was much needed after the tough drive and concert yesterday. The plan for the day was for everyone to go to CN Tower however, as some people needed some extra sleep this excursion became optional.

Although most of the orchestra did come along. It was just a short walk away to the tower as we passed a huge Toronto sign, the perfect spot for some group photos. Once there we took the lifts to the top and saw the amazing view, many also took a walk across the glass floor and felt the cold breeze from the outside deck.

Once back down on the ground there was time for a little bit of shopping in the CN Tower gift shop, the Blue Jays shop and a few others. We then headed back in the direction of the hotel and met up with the rest of the orchestra in a shopping centre just down the street. It was there we had plenty of free time for food and shopping before heading back to the hotel in your own time to get ready for Tour Awards.

Some of the free time was spent in the hotels pools, sauna’s etc. others – including myself – had a nap. At half six we all met in the lobby all dressed up ready to walk over to the venue for Tour Awards. On the walk over I was having flash backs to the Europe Tour when we were told that we would be playing in a band stand right under the Eiffel Tower and about a mile after the Tower got there. Euan had told us that the venue for the evening was right across the street but after the half mile walk (In heels) I would have to disagree.

Tour Awards were amazing the awards team worked extremely hard to make it a great evening. Our hosts Amy and Holly were hilarious and had everyone laughing so hard. Many awards were given to many very deserving people. A few awards even brought some tears. And as ever the leaving seniors also had an emotional night.

We are all back at the hotel now and packing up for another trip to our last location Ayr, Ontario. Looking forward to meeting our next hosts.

-Hannah Coombs

Quote of the day – “Matthew what’s your best joke?” – Sean Morrison “My Brother!” – Matthew Rae

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