Day Five – Hit the Road Jack

Day Five – Hit the Road Jack

We were still recovering from the crazy night last night when we got up this morning but it was suitcase packing and bus loading time. We were on board and ready to leave just after 8 for a long day on the buses.

There isn’t too much to report from day and we spent 12 hours travelling, we had 3 stops and everything went smoothly. On the buses, I think most of the day was spent sleeping for most but at times, with nothing to burn off the energy things got a little silly for example a pillow fight. And this was the adults no the kids.
We arrived in Vandalia a little after half 8, a bit later than originally expected, we had a fantastic greeting from host families with signs and banners and smiles. It was a quick off load of the buses before disappearing for the evening with the hosts.

I can’t speak for the other groups yet as I haven’t spoken to them but my hosts are amazing, so kind and generous and I am sure all the other host families are too. A bit more exciting day tomorrow and another ceilidh, I wonder if we will beat the last one.


Quote of the day – “I don’t want to give birth to a cow” Holly Goldie

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