Day Eleven – Think to yourself, have I seen the penguins?

Day Eleven – Think to yourself, have I seen the penguins?

Montréal day two was first spent at the BioDome, a huge building originally build for the Olympics has since turned into a home for wildlife. There were many different animals that stay in varying kinds of habitats and environments. The highlight of the BioDome for many were the penguins and the otters, swimming about in their enclosures.

We were then invited to the Black Watch headquarters for a look around the armoury. It was an impressive collection of memorabilia from the Black Watch’s history and very nice to be invited by the people who have done so much for us in putting our trip to MontrĂ©al together.

As the Black Watch was just down the street from our accommodation lunch was had on the street on the walk back. Food place such as Tim Hortons and Subway were enjoyed as well as many other local cafes and shops.

Then after a quick pack it was off to the Church of St Andrew’s and St. Paul’s for a rehearsal. As the orchestra has been sounding so great not much work was needed to be done except balance the levels of the sections in the new acoustics of a church. Lunch was then provided down the street in a lovely house by some lovely people that were fundamental in putting our concert together. There were some delicious meals and desserts provided.

After the short walk back to the church and a change of outfit a few players took to the street outside the church to play a few tunes and encourage some more people to join our audience. We also had a team of people with programmes that got very creative in their efforts to spread the word about the orchestra including running along side runners, cars that were stopped at red lights and people on bikes. It did draw in a lot of people and made for a great audience.

The concert once again showed the amazing talent of the touring orchestra we have with us on this tour, the musicality is fantastic and the performance and showmanship is getting better and better with every concert we do.

Another notable thing of the evening was the attitude and helpfullness of many members of the orchestra who all mucked in tiding up, packing boxes and loading busses, it was a massive help and greatly appreciated by all of our hard working adults.

Looking forward to the water park and another concert tomorrow.


Quote of the day – “Is Spiderman based on a true story?” – Rachel Smith

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