Every time at this time of year the orchestra packs its bags and head to the local supermarket to pack some other bags for other people doing their Christmas dinner shopping and New Years shopping.

It is always the busiest shopping day for the supermarkets and we are there to lend a hand.


We work in shifts throughout the day from 12 till 8 in Morrisons and 10 till 6 in Tesco on two separate days.

Many of the players help out on the tills packing bags while other play some great tunes to the shoppers as they arrive to do their shopping. This always has a welcome reception and it brings a little joy to an otherwise boring shopping trip.

This is always a great way for the orchestra to raise a little extra money that helps us throughout all of our trips and concerts.

So thanks to all that donated, we hope you had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


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