Day One – Welcome to New York

Day One – Welcome to New York


That is pretty much the only thing on everyone’s mind right now as we sit in the SOHO Room at the Hostel eating New York Pizza, and loving every bite.

It has been a very long day, with a lot of travel and waiting around but we have finally made it here in one piece. No broken instruments just one slightly broken box and a lot of tried people.

All flights went very smoothly, with good inflight entertainment as the orchestra as per tradition played a few tunes on the plane.

Although there were very tired passengers on the bus on the way from the airport to the hostel, I could still here the oohs and aahs at the view of the New York Skyline. And the slight drizzle of rain as we got off the busses woke a few people up.

Huge well done to everyone today for their patience and good attitude during the long travel day.

Looking forward to a very busy day tomorrow in New York seeing the Freedom Tower, Central Station and a boat trip.


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